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Comprehensive investigations for law firms, insurance companies, major corporations, and self-insured clients.

Areas of Practice


Insurance Investigations

To stay afloat in today’s high-risk, competitive environment, insurance companies must be vigilant about monitoring potentially fraudulent claims. The impact of insurance fraud can be devastating for those working in the industry, and we’re committed to helping detect it and stop it in its tracks.

At Investigative Resolutions, we’ve conducted hundreds of insurance-related investigations. We make life easier for insurance claims examiners, adjusters, HR directors, risk managers, and legal professionals by developing the information they need. This is achieved through analyzing the finer details, providing litigation support, researching documents, conducting surveillance, and locating and interviewing key witnesses. Our investigations have produced the evidence necessary to reduce our client’s exposure from liability and workers compensation cases.

Below are just some of the insurance-related investigations we handle with competence and professionalism:

  • General Liability

  • Workers Compensation

  • Disability Claims

  • Activity Checks (Covert & Overt inquiries)

  • Surveillance

  • SIU/Fraud Investigations

  • Witness Interviews/Statements

  • Locating Insureds/Claimants/Witnesses

  • Site/Loss Locus Investigations (Photos/Diagrams)

Sample Insurance Clients

  • Fireman's Fund

  • Liberty Mutual

  • Travelers Insurance

  • Tower Insurance Group

  • GAB Robins NA

  • CAN Insurance

legal investigations

The staff at Investigative Resolutions has worked with upstanding attorneys in Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York City, Westchester, and Connecticut. We understand the unique, specialized needs of the legal industry, and we have the unique insights and proven experience to meet them.

Above all, it's our goal to help attorneys win cases by producing rock-solid facts and airtight evidence. Whether you need surveillance, witness statements, background research, or asset investigations, we have the specialized tools and skills to deliver. All findings are backed by detailed, professional reports that stand up in court. Throughout all investigative phases, we exercise the utmost respect for client confidentiality and attorney/client privilege.

Below are just some of the legal-related investigations we perform for attorneys:

  • Federal/State Criminal Matters

  • Missing Person Locates

  • Background Research

  • Asset Searches

  • Real Estate/Tenant Issues (including Non Primary issues)

  • Witness/Expert Screening

Sample Legal Clients

  • Hogan and Hartson, LLP

  • Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz and Dicker, LLP

  • New York City Law Department

  • London Fischer, LLP

  • White & McSpedon, PC

  • Weiner, Millo, Morgan & Bonanno, LLC

corporate investigations

For today's businesses, one of the most important ingredients for success is information. We work with all industries to provide intelligence for marketing, background research, loss prevention, intellectual property, and a host of other business-related needs. All data findings are reported with accuracy and, timeliness in a user-friendly format.

For each business investigation, we strive to give key executives and managers the resources they need to make informed decisions. Our investigators offer a unique combination of professionalism and personal attention.

Below are just some of the business-related services we provide:

  • Due Diligence

  • Corporate Espionage

  • Internal/External Fraud

  • Employee Integrity/Theft

  • Trademark Infringement

  • Fraud Examinations/Consulting

Sample Corporate Clients

  • Pepsi Corporation

  • Delta Corporation

  • Minuteman Press

  • Bunzl Distribution Corporation

  • Mazda USA Motor Corporation

  • Kaufman Organization